The 'Hate Tweets To Frank Ocean' Website Sends Condemning Tweets

 - Jul 12, 2012
References: hatetweetstofrankocean & fastcodesign
The 'Hate Tweets to Frank Ocean' website is a project launched by 5 Swedes, with the leaders being Martin Löfqvist and Jacob Åström to retaliate against homophobic hate.

This week, Frank Ocean exploded on the social scene. He came out in a beautifully written Tumblr post and released his album, Channel Orange. Unfortunately, for his openness he is receiving despicable amounts of hate on Twitter. This Frank-supporting website was built in just a day, hoping to harness the same social media tool to fight fire with fire. Showing hate-filled tweets from 10 odd Twitter users, anybody can use the website platform to tweet back "It's not who you love – it's *that* you love that truly matters." The result is that these disrespectful people receive a spammed feed of tweets, condemning their words.

Frank is no doubt in a state of pandemonium right now -- with an accelerated mainstream debut, he does not need such negative input from onlookers and could use the words of kindness from 'Hate Tweets to Frank Ocean.'