The ‘Onion-Like Headlines in Real Life’ Tumblr is Absurd

 - Jul 22, 2012
References: onionlike.tumblr
Newspapers nowadays are a breeding ground for ridiculously absurd reporting, and the ‘Onion-Like Headlines in Real Life Tumblr’ has cataloged this fact. With a Tumblr solely devoted to outlandish real-life article headlines, this blog will leave viewers in stitches and questioning the sanity of society.

Many of these headlines are of such a ludicrous nature it is hard to believe they are factual occurrences, rather than fictitious accounts covered in notable publication The Onion. Each headline carries underneath it the originating link to the story, to prove that these headlines address real-world events. There is no shortage of bizarreness with headlines like 'Man Shoots His Own Genitals, Goes To Jail,' 'Adult Men Who Like ‘My Little Pony’ Gather, Say They Are Not Creepy' and the truly jarring 'Man Upset Over Sandwich Order Calls 911.'

Just like the Onion-Like Headlines in Real Life Tumblr proclaims on its homepage, these stories are too good to be true. Apart from being hilarious, these articles are also depressing, as they highlight a diminishing capacity of society and the extinction of common sense.