- Jun 12, 2013
Funny Internet memes have literally begun to dominate the web. The virtual world has been graced by the presence of everything from Grumpy Cat to Bad Luck Brian, and continues to beg for more memes. With this constant demand for new Internet phenomena, the strangest and most hilarious memes are beginning to surface. For instance, sloth facing has become a popular way to mock a celebrity’s smug and beautiful visage by warping it until it becomes sloth-like. Everyone from John Travolta to Gwyneth Paltrow has fallen victim to sloth facing, and the results are strange but hilarious.

Baby mug photo shoots, or "baby mugging," have also become popular. Parents simply photograph their infants lying down and hold a mug over them. The resulting photos make it look as if the babies are actually sitting inside a ceramic mug.

The Internet has always been a strange and unpredictable place that often feels overwhelming. However, popular memes hold the world together through the common bond of comedy. Since everyone finds things like cat-bearding, sloth facing and baby mugging hilarious, these fads become something of a collective interest. Memes are not just a fun passing fad—they are a comical way for people around the world to connect.

From Celebrity Sloth Captures to Baby Mug Photo Shoots: