The Hurricane Sandy Memes are Hopelessly Devoted to Humor

 - Oct 30, 2012
References: buzzfeed
Though the Frankenstorm upon us no laughing matter, the Internet was quick to add humor to disaster with the Hurricane Sandy memes.

This meme attempts to add an air of lighthearted humor to the horrors of the dangerous storm. It juxtaposes the sweet-natured female lead from a pop-culture musical favorite to create a humorous take on the storm's looming approach. Sandy Olsen's head appears amidst a satellite image in the eye of the storm, along with witty changes on classic song lyrics from her musical numbers in Grease.

For instance, the clever take on her famous line "summer loving, had me blast" is changed to "October snowing, had me a blast." Comical and highly cheeky, this makeshift double entendre stands out in the disaster-generated media. The Hurricane Sandy memes will have you roaring with thunderous laughter.