- May 27, 2014
The latest story of 'Godzilla' may have been ousted from the number one spot at the box office with 'X-Men: Days of Future Past' going in for the win, but these monstrous tributes to Godzilla show just how beloved the franchise is to millions around the world. Whether that means wearing a piece of jewelry or article of clothing to show off ones love for the giant lizard or snacking on a big burger made in its honor, there are many ways to keep him going strong in modern society.

These monstrous tributes to Godzilla also show how timeless some fantastical creatures can be. Joining the ranks of Alien, King Kong and more, it is one villain that will keep on spawning new ideas. These products will entertain people until another movie is made.

From Miniature Monster Necklaces to Drug Dealer Monster Mashups: