Nike's Air Force 1 Low Godzilla's Pay Homage to a Half Century-Old Legend

 - Apr 2, 2013
References: sneakernews
When most of us think of Godzilla, we get glimpses of a giant, irate and radioactive lizard wreaking havoc in busy city streets while citizens scream and cower, but Nike's crisp Air Force 1 Low Godzilla shoes will soon be replacing this Japanese monster icon's fiery green imagery with this rad pair of shoes' cool blue and nicely textured materials.

While still considered an unofficial series, this latest addition to Nike's Godzilla set sees these Air Force 1 Low Godzilla shoes bringing together two tones and two types of fabric in order to closely resemble this monstrous creature.

The Air Force 1 low Godzilla's also feature large, noticeable blue stitching that film lovers, fashionistas and shoe collectors will undoubtedly appreciate once they take note of the sleek street style and authentic Godzilla appreciation that these shoes promote.