The End of the World Series by Andrés Moncayo is Quirky

 - Jun 15, 2013
References: flickr & designyoutrust
Andrés Moncayo has created a hilarious (and slightly depressing) series for Colombian magazine Shock. Each of his cartoonish illustrations depicts a scenario taking place once the world has ended. In one drawing, for instance, he shows a giant, Godzilla-like monster burning through buildings with flames coming out of his mouth. Another illustration shows a family standing on the top of a mountain, holding up a bright pink sign with an iconic alien face painted upon it. This particular drawing is a tongue-in-cheek prediction of what would happen if aliens visited Earth. This family is holding suitcases and smiling, the implication being that these aliens will beam them up into their spaceships for a fun-filled family vacation.

This vibrant and unique series is another demonstration of the world's obsession with its own end. With so many apocalyptic films, TV show and literature being released, it's no wonder that modern art is also analyzing the effect of the end of the world. It's a morbid preoccupation, but also one that stirs a basic human interest in every person on Earth, creating a unifying purpose.