These Terrorizing Godzilla Car Stickers Celebrate the Latest Godzilla Movie

 - May 15, 2014
References: etsy & etsy
If you're looking for a fun, original and clever decal to stick onto the back of your vehicle, why not get this comical Godzilla sticker that shows the behemoth monster chasing after several tiny humans just like in the iconic Godzilla movie.

Over the last year, the white family car stickers have skyrocketed in popularity. This Godzilla movie car decal creatively plays off of those familial stickers by adding a terrorizing twist. Rather than having families pick out a mini decal version of themselves like the family car stickers suggest, drivers receive a massive Godzilla decal of the stomping monster and two humans and two pets running for their lives. Users can arrange these humorous decals however they please on the back of their vehicle's windshield.