Pete Holmes Shows What Would Happen Between Yoshi and Real Life Mario

 - May 15, 2014
References: youtube & neatorama
Pete Holmes' latest installment of Realistic Mario shows that it's probably not such a good idea for real life Mario to have a dinosaur as a companion.

After the seemingly sweet and familiar Yoshi hatches from an egg, he immediately begins chomping down on everything in sight, including Mario's arm, Luigi, Toad and a power-up that causes him to grow to the size of a real dinosaur. Now the size of Godzilla, monstrous Yoshi takes off to cause more death and destruction. Unfortunately in Realistic Mario, Princess Peach will probably end up unrescued, or eaten, if this terrifying version of Yoshi gets to the castle first, but maybe Bowser would at least be given a worthy opponent for a fight.