From Customizable Child Cars to Toddler Taxi Toys

 - Oct 27, 2015
Aside from sheer fun, customization and luxury are two of the standout features of these cars for kids.

Customization comes into play through details like interchangeable panels and digital displays on the hood of Toyota's Camatte57s model, or the fact that Bentley has downsized its iconic Bentley Blower into a bespoke kid-sized version. As well as serving as tools for play in the moment, these toy cars are aspirational, fueling a child's dreams of driving a full-sized version of these brand cars someday.

Land Rover is another automotive brand that has got into making kid-friendly vehicles with the introduction of its Defender Pedal Car. This model spares no expense and comes equipped with everything from an aluminum frame to off-road tires and mudflaps. Similarly, The Broon by Henes takes a similar attitude towards luxury, as its model comes with premium leather seats, a built-in MP3 player, speakers and even a detachable tablet.