This Giant Godzilla Playground in Japan is Mutated Lizard Fun

 - Apr 26, 2013
References: kanagawaparks & kotaku
This giant lizard playground in the likeness of everyone's favorite city destroying mutant is something that is a must-see on a visit to Japan, especially if you find yourself around Kurihama Flower Park.

The giant Godzilla structure is more than just a tribute to one of cinema's most enduring film series, it's actually a climbable playground that accomplishes two goals at once. The first is creating a suitable tribute to the giant lizard. the second goal is making me insanely jealous of any Japanese children who get to grow up around what is by default the greatest playground ever.

The Godzilla playground actually lets people climb inside (via Godzilla's crotch) and use the long tail as a slide. The playground is nine meters tall, and weighs over five tons. It's a good thing that there's no cities or giant moths nearby, or things might get really crazy at the Godzilla playground.