Meme the World is a Crowd-Sourced Project

 - Mar 8, 2013
References: memetheworld & kickstarter
Created by Justin Crowe, Meme the World is an art project that aims to showcase the forming of a collective experience that illustrates our global culture. Instructions are simple: "Use cup, photograph your experience, and pass the mug to a new person."

Until the emergence of the Internet, the word culture used to have a very regional definition. Humans have managed to create a global culture that is on the Internet using our finger tips, within a realm that is made up of entirely of ones and zeros that translates into meaningful visuals through our gadget screens -- this sounds absolutely crazy, but is true.

Yet we still managed to form unique and contagious communicative cultural elements to it. Meme-ing is in our nature and the 'Meme the world' project pushes us to regain our ability to unify and create collaboratively.