Twitter Recently Launched a New LOLCat Language Setting

 - Feb 17, 2013
References: twitter & geeksugar
The LOLCat language gave humans the opportunity to understand what cats are saying in their adorable accents, and with the new Twitter language settings, our words get translated into cat speak.

One of the longest running internet sensations ever, the LOLCat memes feature cute kittens asking for cheeseburgers in completely corrupt English, making them seem even more outrageously adorable. Still popular, Twitter is spreading the love and joy that these kitties bring out in people, allowing users to have their text automatically changed into cutesy grammar errors that are still somehow understandable.

Those who think that LOLCat language is similar to baby talk and find both to be incredibly annoying are not going to enjoy the widespread hysteria caused by this new setting. But for all the lovers, "Happeh Fridai!"