From DIY Marshmallow Roses to Wordy Valentine's Donuts

 - Feb 11, 2014
Romance is in the air, and these Valentine's day confections will inspire dessert-lovers to express their feelings with delectable desserts. Primarily Valentine's day is all about love and romance, but secondarily it's a day designed for people with a sweet tooth. Cupcakes and boxes of chocolate definitely aren't in short supply at this time of year. These baked goods range from easy to make to complicated, but they will be well worth the effort.

The Valentine's day dessert cakes are coated in pink icing and decorated to look like candy hearts, but as a bonus they're also filled with actually candy hearts. This sugary sweet is adorably decorated and guaranteed to put a smile on your loved one's face. The barely dressed biscuits are a little more risque. These tempting cookies are shaped and decorated like hot bodies, which means people will likely be blushing with every bite.

Some of these goodies are anti-romance while others are heart-shaped, but they're all delicious.