These Hibiscus Tea Biscuits are Topped with a Delicious Glaze

 - Jul 3, 2013
The recipe for these delectable hibiscus tea biscuits can be found on SugarCrafter. These tempting purple goodies are topped off with a purple hibiscus glaze that makes these cookies look even more appetizing (and I'm sure it tastes great too).

The creator of these tasty treats decided to experiment with making tea infused cookies and since hibiscus tea is a favorite of hers, she decided to create these delightful tea biscuits. Some of the ingredients needed for these pleasing purple cookies are dried hibiscus flowers, butter, powdered sugar, eggs, vanilla extract, salt and flour. The glaze only requires hibiscus water, regular water and powdered sugar. Even the ingredients are enough to get any tummy rumbling.

These purple tea biscuits are sure to satisfy and impress guests. The only challenge will be sharing them with others.