The Ryan Lochte Derp Meme Quotes the Charming Swimmer

 - Aug 23, 2012
References: ryanlochte & buzzfeed
Ever since he beat Michael Phelps in their opening race of London 2012, Lochte saw astronomical growth in attention. In some cases, like the Ryan Lochte Derp meme, it is not favorable.

Apparently the public spotlight penetrated too deep in Lochte’s past. Recently, a video on Youtube surfaced that compiled a slew of the swimmer’s questionable interview responses. Lochte was obviously younger in many of the clips, but the video successfully depicted him as an "airhead." These quotes have been transposed onto the famed Internet meme as a potentially viral way to mock the adorable swimming star. Some notable mentions include unforgettable lines like "What defines me? Ryan Lochte," and "I love swimming because racing."

Hopefully Lochte will be remembered by his five medal-winning performances at this year’s games and not by his awkward prose.