The 'We are the 47 Percent' Tumblr Strikes Back at Romney's Comments

The 'We are the 47 Percent' Tumblr takes a hit at Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney after Romney's recent (leaked) comments regarding the state of 47 percent of the American public. Romney says in the video, acquired by political news organization Mother Jones, that 47 percent of Americans feel "entitled" to food, healthcare and housing. Further, Romney goes on to claim that this 47 percent believes they are victimized and essentially writes them off as a voter base.

The backlash for the Romney camp has been significant. The We are the 47 Percent Tumblr is a parody of the 47 percent who back Obama and who believe the government should give them something in return. The hilarious reasonings that some come up with to exemplify the ridiculousness of the situation is quite impressive. Taking a note from the 'We are the 99 Percent' Tumblr, the 47 percent display their powerful stories via writing.