The 'Politics of the Social Web' Infographic is Economic-Based

 - Jul 12, 2012
References: engagedc & buzzfeed
The 'Politics of the Social Web' infographic is an interesting interpretation of Facebook 'Likes' to determine (to some degree) a Facebook users political allegiance and participation. Whether it holds any degree of accuracy is in the eyes of the beholder, but it does pose a fascinating view of economics.

Taking a quick look at the graphic, the creators have compiled what people like and contrasted it with how affluent they are to determine their political interests. This, to be honest, is not a fool-proof method, but it does show an interesting side of the affluent.

According to the 'Politics of the Social Web' graphic, you are more likely to be an engaged democrat if you 'Like' Buzzfeed, Gmail, Google, Wikipedia, YouTube and Wordpress. In contrast, the less-engaged democrats include Angry Birds users, Etsy, Tumblr and Reddit. Facebook is neutral ground between the two, and the engaged Republicans hold sway over Paypal, Ebay, LinkedIn and Twitter. The less-engaged Republicans are more likely to like Farmville, Pinterest and Amazon.