Get Restaurant Tips From a Serial Dater Who Offers Dates for Dinners

Restaurant Tips From a Serial Dater is a tumblr devoted to dining like royalty -- without spending a dime. The site’s author, a petite Toronto-based blonde, describes herself as a girl with a "pretty face and a pretty extensive urban spoon wishlist." She also describes herself as "penniless." So how does she manage to fulfill her insatiable hunger cravings for oysters and the like? Dates. Lots and lots of dates, ranging from tolerable to practically insufferable. Scoping everything from JDate to Tinder, this ravenous lady has plenty of guys willing to pick up the tab. And she’s not above trading sexual favors to satisfy her palate.

The end result is a mixed-bag of a blog: part restaurant review ("Hacienda is the most recent addition to the Playa Cabana family who I see as the gay younger brother; flashy & intelligent but lacking in size…,") part food critic ("the complimentary bread is laced with gold and pumpkin seeds and brings promises of unicorns and duck so tender you’ve only ever heard whispers of it,") part dating expert ("well, there’s that awkward moment when you realize your date thinks you’re Jewish,") and part documentation of sexual escapades. One thing you certainly won’t get while scrolling through this blog is bored.