Fashion Photography Blogger Bianca Mixes Fendi with Monet

Spotting similarities between Dolce & Gabbana’s spring collection and Claude Monet’s paintings is an art form that fashion photography devotee and ‘Where I See Fashion’ blog creator Bianca has perfected.

The Milan-based fashion design student pairs fashion photography with artsy images that range from classical paintings to nature landscapes and stunning architecture. 

Inspired by Tumblr and its infinite amount of beautiful images, the fashion enthusiast uses amazing juxtapositions to show how fashion and the world around us can mesh harmoniously.

"Sometimes a fashion picture reminds me instantly of something and I go look for it, sometimes it’s a random picture that makes me think of an outfit or editorial. Occasionally it happens that by chance I see two pictures near each other on my dashboard or in a random blog that perfectly go together," says Bianca.