Everyone from Jay-Z to Bono is Allegedly Linked to the Illuminati

 - Jul 5, 2013
With Jay-Z's new album ‘Magna Carta Holy Grail’ leaking online and thus, making headlines, the topic of allegedly Illuminati-affiliated celebrities is revisited. Numerous celebrities have also been linked to the all-powerful secret society; whether it’s through symbolism or conjecture over connections, everyone seems to want to find a reason to point the finger at the all-seeing eye.

It’s impossible to know if there’s any truth to the rumors, as the first rule of the Illuminati is to not speak about the Illuminati -- or maybe that’s just Fight Club? Whether it’s Rihanna’s tattoo of the goddess Isis, or the obsession regarding the covering of the right eye—a sign that allegedly shows allegiance—there seems to be plenty of symbolism to go around. It begs the question of if the kings and queens of pop culture are aligning together to rule the world, or if it’s just an elaborate marketing hoax to generate interest.