Entire Issue Available Online

 - Nov 6, 2007
References: rollingstone
Rolling Stone Magazine is now completely free. In order to keep up with the popularity of the internet, print media publications are doing all they can in order to stay afloat.

Rolling Stone announced readers will now have full access to digital copies of the magazine online, for free.

"As you may have noticed, the enormous third installment of our fortieth anniversary issues is now on newsstands," Rolling Stone said. "But you're at work, and you can't kick back and read the magazine at your desk without your boss making an example of you in front of your co-workers. Well, now you can. Rolling Stone is pleased to present our very first 'digital edition' of the issue. Now you can read the entire issue page-to-page, cover-to-cover, without looking like a slacker at your job. So downsize the spreadsheets and flip through new interviews from Bono, Bill Clinton, Bruce Springsteen, twenty-one of the biggest indie-rock stars and many more."

With a continuing decline in subscription of most printed media, this may very well be some thing we can continue to see in the future.