In Spain, Easy Gym Offers Members Completely Naked Workouts

 - Apr 28, 2011
References: odditycentral
In Arrigorriaga, Spain, a man by the name of Merche Laseca owns Easy Gym. What started off as a normal everyday workout center soon turned into a new hot spot.

In recent years, Merche Laseca noticed that he was getting fewer members at his gym, so he decided to do a total revamp of Easy Gym by offering full naked workouts. Merche Laseca noticed that his area of Spain was becoming a popular destination for naturists. The area is also surrounded by almost 12 nudist beaches.

Turning Easy Gym into a spot where people could workout nude quickly got a lot of attention and a lot of new members. With the rise of naturists around the area, it's certain that Easy Gym will succeed in the fitness business.