Guitar Hero 5 Viral Combines 4 Bare Women and Music Steve

 - Jul 30, 2009
References: rollingstone
A Guitar Hero 5 viral video (or one that has potential for viral) has been released, and to build on the sexiness of Heidi Klum dancing around in her underwear, this video features models strutting their stuff to Nirvana’s "Smells Like Teen Spirit."

Did I mention they decided to abandon even underwear for The Guitar Hero 5 viral video? Yep, the video features four female models wearing nada alongside Music Steve a, er, not so model-worthy man, strutting down the street in what looks like Santa Monica. I'm guessing he represents the average Joe who rocks out on his Guitar Hero, and the women the obvious fantasy that accompany his rockstar dreams.

Check out the “Naked Girls Get Interrupted” Guitar Hero 5 promo video... although I fail to see the tie in with the game!