The Bare Facts of Stretching in the Buff

 - Dec 3, 2008
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Is naked yoga sort of sweeping the country? How different is it (if at all) from regular yoga? Read on for some bare truths.

No one can say for sure when naked yoga was first practiced. It is certainly becoming more popular, and it is not likely to be a fad that will fade away into oblivion. This trend is economically appealing as it requires even less equipment than the original art form does, namely, a mat on which to do exercises and loose-fitting clothes.

Other yoga trends, like aqua yoga, disco yoga and boga yoga (boxing gloves) have come and gone, but naked yoga has been around at least since the 1960s and was even depicted in at least one movie of that era, the 1968 film, "Bob & Carol & Ted and Alice." Perhaps its best point is also its worst point; namely, the fact that there is no place to hide while practicing naked yoga. Many naked yoga supporters claim that performing yoga naked is something that cannot be understood unless it is experienced. Instead of the expected distraction concerning the naked state, many devotees claim the effect is just the opposite; a completely internal experience.

Those who have been doing naked yoga for extended periods of time have said that they could not go back to doing it with clothes on (that is, if they could find their clothes).

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