From Moody Grayscale Fashion Ads to Shared Affliction Ads

 - Aug 24, 2013
Marketers are constantly looking for new and inventive techniques to draw in viewers, and these bold black and white campaigns have utilized a very creative grayscale effect to reach consumers on a more emotional level.

Long before color was available on television, people were accustomed to seeing black and white imagery on their TV sets. And while technology has come a long way since those vintage TV days, there's something very nostalgic and sentimental about seeing that old school black and white imagery again in this modern age. That's why marketers are starting to incorporate that vintage black and white theme into their ads as a way to portray that old school charm.

From sleek grayscale fashion ads to soccer star holiday ads, these bold black and white campaigns will definitely capture people's attention with its use of retro imagery.