The Yoga 11S Ad Campaign is the Furthest Thing from Techy

 - May 29, 2013
References: zdnet & mashable
The Yoga 11S by Lenovo is a laptop tablet hybrid that transforms from one to the other with ease. As its name suggests, the Yoga is flexible, smooth and strong. Lenovo's new ad campaign for the product shows just how flexible, smooth and powerful it is through a visual representation of black and white silhouette.

We see shadowed outlines of people. There are smooth-moving limbs, bodily curves and no rigid lines. The silhouettes move quickly to assemble to form different shapes and objects; the shadows align to form a tree, lanterns and even airplane seats. The overall feel of the campaign is more feminine -- the furthest thing from our traditional view of what is considered 'techy.'

Lenovo's convertible Ultrabook isn't traditional; a lot like yoga, it is an alternative and hip choice for those who are seeking something new.