From Sultry Beach Editorials to Naked For a Cause

 - Jul 23, 2012
Being naked is a statement and in these nervously nude captures, there are several examples of both individuals and corporations that take advantage of this taboo concept to call attention to their cause.

Why being in-the-buff is so captivating is quite an unusual phenomenon -- just because everybody will be naked at some point during each day themselves (assuming a regular shower routine). However, it seems that when the private practice is blown up on a bigger screen -- be it for a fashion editorial, TV-commercial spot or an activist’s campaign print ad -- controversy and widespread attention ensues. Though some photographers use nudity to bring about an air of purity and peace, others use it in a more raw and sensual form, which is often more common in publications stemming from the fashion and entertainment industry.

Constructive uses of nudity are most obvious in PSAs and publicity stunts, which are choreographed by organizations to capitalize on shock factor to promote their mission.