Visa TV Spot

 - Mar 21, 2008
References: guardian
The brand name Visa probably isn't one that evokes sexy imagery, but their latest TV spot could change all that.

The credit card company's latest ad campaign features a naked man. No, it's not because you'll be left in your birthday suit after being forced to sell your clothes to a second hand shop to pay your last Visa bill.

The fun ad by Saatchi & Saatchi, which launches Easter Monday, features a nude man running in a desert in Argentina. It's his wedding day and he's armed with nothing but his Visa and pair of socks on his feet. Ahh, the aftermath of the stag party... but it's not so bad thanks to his trusty credit card. He's able to pick up everything he needs to make it to the big day... like a mechanic's overall, a hotdog to fuel himself, a map and a trusty moped. Well, more than that too, but you'll have to watch the clip.

So, lesson learned. If you're going to be left naked on your bachelor party the night before your wedding day, make sure to sleep with your socks on, credit card inside.

"Life flows better with Visa," didn't you know?