- Dec 23, 2011
In this collection of bum-bearing male photoshoots, the male body is objectified in a way that showcases its best asset: the butt. From fashion editorials to celebrity leaked photos and advertising campaigns to fine art prints, these posterior pictures use hockey bums, bubble butts and lack of butt rumps to sell and promote their brands.

After all, nothing sells a new pair of jeans better than the absence of them in a steamy print ad. There are even some spoof shots that humorously poke fun at the overtly sexualized campaigns, because, let's face it, the butt is just as funny a body part as it is a sexy one. So if you consider yourself to be a butt fan, then you have to take a gander at this list of bum-bearing male photoshoots.

From Hockey Butt Prints to Bubble Bum Editorials: