From Charities To Luxury Brands These Ads Bare it All

 - May 4, 2012
Many people often express that they would like to see more transparency in advertising; though, these exhibitionist examples of nudevertising may not exactly be what they have in mind.

It verges on cliche to say that advertising should grab people's attention. Nudeversting does this. In many ways, this type of advertising is a particular strain of shockvertising.

Shockvertising, as its name suggests, attempts to surprise people with jarring imagery and, in doing so, capture their attention. Still, whereas many shockvertising campaigns resort to macabre, gruesome and sometimes even offensive tactics, nudevertising appeals to our more amorous tendencies.

Much of the nudevertising featured here employs models that are easy on the eyes in order to seduce minds into opening wallets. Also, whereas the more unsettling instances of shockvertising may very well sour one's impression of a product, service or charity, nudevertising often does the opposite.