Secrets From Your Sister Bra Fittings Ads

This Measurements ad campaign for Secrets From Your Sister bra fitting specialists showcases their expertise at choosing the right bra for you by showing models wearing pretty much nothing at all. The print ads show measurements drawn over the skin in the shape of a bra, communicating that your bra purchase will be very comfortable.

While other nudevertising ads do not make much sense when they omit the clothes, this one actually does. They are not trying to sell you a bra, they are selling you the 'bra fitting' experience.

Secrets From Your Sister offers, “Unique bra fitting experience in a very relaxed shopping environment. Knowledgeable and passionate staff, who will dress you from the inside out, will assist you.”

The campaign was created by Juniper Park, Toronto, with creative directors: Alan Madill, Terry Drummond; art directors: Jeff Cheung, Noreel Asuro, copywriters: Andrew Chisholm, Heather Hnatiuk; illustrator Sarah J. Coleman, and photographer Todd Mclellan.