Live to See Naked Chicks & Bin Laden Caught

 - Jul 7, 2008
References: adsoftheworld
These fun ads for Brazilian Association For Smokers Awareness encourage you to quit smoking by showing you what you would miss if you do not overcome this bad habit (and most likely die early).

For example, "In 2042, the temperature in big cities will increase by 8 degrees on average." This will result in women wearing next to nothing when they go out in the streets. Now who would want to miss this for a cigarette?

Also, "In 2066, Bin Laden will be caught," and "In 2048, traffic will grind to a standstill. In 2049, the second layer will be opened." The ads go on to say, "Live to see it. Quit smoking."

The 2008 campaign was created by Neogama/BBH ad agency, São Paulo, with creative directors, Alexandre Gama, Márcio Ribas, Wilson Mateos, art director Max Geraldo, copywriter José Luiz Martins, and cool illustrations by Bruno Borges.