49 Celebrations Of Nakedness

 - Nov 11, 2008
It’s very apparent that we love stories about people donning their full or partial birthday suits. After all, the human body is fascinating—especially when naked.

Advertisers capitalize on the nude body when trying to promote their products or magazines in an effort to make mega dollars; they’ll pay out the nose for naked celebrities to pose for them. Going nude is also a highly effective measure used to draw attention to political protests and issues such as animal rights, human rights, and the environment.  Lastly, sometimes people just enjoy a bit of naked self-exploitation, just for the fun of it, like those who partook in a naked roller-coaster ride.

To some, nudity is considered vulgar, shameful, sinful, and something only a pervert would enjoy; they’re all for censoring any and all things nude.  However, while some may indeed be drawn to the naked human body in a "sinful" sort of way, others look at nudity as something to behold as beautiful—although, let's face it, as Seinfeld would tell us, there are things one just shouldn’t do when in their birthday suits; like open a pickle jar.