Motorcyles Without Fairings

 - Nov 15, 2007
References: my28stars
Naked Bikes are becoming more popular in the US with the arrival of the 2008 models of Suzuki's B-King, Yamaha's FZ1, Honda's CB1000 and Kawasaki's Z1000 as well as Buell and BMW. Naked Bikes have been successful in Europe for a long time but in the US, street bikes have proven to be quite the rage. The tide, however, is changing as we see more socialites pulling up to the beaches and drinking holes on their street fighters, ready for combat. So, the next time you're cruising over the 395 on your crotch rocket on the way to South Beach and see those shiny headers coming up on you, just lean right and remember, naked girls love naked bikes.

Wikipedia defines Naked Bikes as "a class of road motorcycles without fairings.

"Also known as a "standard" or "street bike", this is the basic form of the motorcycle stripped down to its fundamental parts. The emphasis is on functionality and ergonomics rather than aerodynamic body panels and exaggerated riding positions that are most common on sport bikes."