- Dec 5, 2008
Ever since the bicycle was created in the late 1800s, it has been used for leisure, exercising and for getting from one place to another faster than walking. Then, over the years, inventors and creative minds innovated the bicycle with gas-powered motors to allow for faster transport, giving us some pretty cool motorcycles and mopeds.

But just when you thought there wasn’t anything more that could possibly be added to better bikes, along come 21st-century designers and inventors. We are no longer limited to riding on just a bike, just a motorcycle or just a moped. Bikes are now solar-powered, multifunctional and come with electric motors that enable super speed. 

Many people actively seek ways to reduce emissions and their overall carbon footprint, and manufacturers are capitalizing on this consumer eco-friendliness. Society has made it necessary for us to travel quickly and efficiently to and from work, and that is what makes eco-friendly electric bikes a highly coveted product. Bikes that fold or collapse are also in demand due to their space-saving features.

When it comes to fantastic bike innovations, it isn’t all about global awareness. We still enjoy them for leisure and speed, like biking topless, sports, or even for a game of chess. Bikes have even inspired vending machines with bike parts, creative advertising and cool bike racks.

From Super High-Speed Electric Bicycles to Foldable Bikes: