Velib Public Bikes

 - Oct 22, 2007
References: us.franceguide
Paris, the city of love and lights, known best for high end fashion, scrumptious croissants, strong cheeses and... bicycles? Oui, oui!

Paris introduced a public biking system in July called Velib. Having tried it, I can personally attest that it is vraiment brilliant!

"To access the bikes, riders can select a one-day card for one euro, a weekly card for five euros or an annual card for 29 euros," France Guide explained. "After the purchase of an access card, riding for the first half-hour is free and a supplement of one euro will be charged for an additional half-hour, two euros for another 30-minutes and four euros for every addition half-hour after that."

The best way to experience Paris is at a relaxed pace. There are so many little alleys, that traveling by car, your sightseeing experience is limited to the city's perimeter. That's why the hourly bike rental system is ideal, letting you take make use of the service as you need it.

The system is very orderly, easy to understand and access. They are very popular, so much so that some stations are completley empty. To answer to that, the city plans on installing even more around French capital.

C'est très Parisienne!