- May 29, 2008
You've finally decided to reduce your carbon footprint and think switching to a bicycle is a fabulous way to switch gears. You want to do your part to help the environment, but you're not quite sure how to adjust to bicycle culture -- after all, it's been decades since you hopped on your bike. If this sounds like your scenario, you're in luck. This is comprehensive guide will show you what's on the market including super compact bikes, gadget-heavy superbicycles and urban bicycle rental programs. Also be sure to check out the Top 14 Fashion Bicycles and Top 10 Motorized Bicycles and the Top 10 Motorized Bicycles.

With the increasing emphasis on global warming and the abruptly rising gas prices, more than ever are ditching their cars for alternate transportation. Get ready to seek inspiration to ditch your gas guzzler and lead a greener, more active lifestyle.

Top 50 Innovative Bicycles :