Paris Dorchester Hotel Bicycles

 - Jan 14, 2008
References: plaza-athenee-paris & news.agendainc
In keeping with the popularity of the eco-luxury trend, a chic Parisian hotel is offering its guests complimentary, hotel-branded bicycles as an environmental mode of transit.

The Dorchester is offering the prestigious Comete "So-chic, So-Plaza Bicycles" at the Plaza Athenee and Le Meurice.

Being chauffeured on lazy holidays is on its way to becoming a desire of the past for affluent travellers who are starting to prefer not only prefer not only being more active, but reducing their carbon footprints as well.

The Dorchester bicycles add the romance back to Paris, bringing back the days of old when Parisians would bike (or walk) to get to their destinations, or simply revel in outdoor exercise for the shear enjoyment of it. It's also not a bad idea for those looking for a fun way to burn off excessive consumption of Brie and baguettes.

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