From Debra Messing to Ferrari

 - Oct 13, 2008
Red has always been a symbol of strong emotions--love, power, blood, passion--so it's appropriate that redhead Debra Messing was cast as the title character of 'The Starter Wife.' Even if you weren't born a redhead, however, you can still partake in the power of red with this crimson collection.

Car aficionados have always associated Ferrari with red; naturally, there are more than a few Ferrari designs, products and viral news pieces included in this collection. Would Debra Messing's character be seen in these?

There is also a plethora of crimson fashion, often rocked by notorious redheads like Nicole Kidman, Debra Messing and Lindsay Lohan. At the 2008 Academy Awards, blood-red designs rocked the red carpet, but designers have long been utilizing crimson's attention-grabbing properties in everyday clothing and makeup.

My favorite red designs, however, are those created to support AIDS research. For super-rich celebrities like Jay-Z, Kanye West, Debra Messing and Britney Spears, the American Express Red card is the new AmEx Black. If your spending isn't as stratospheric as these A-listers, there are other far more reasonable ways to raise money for AIDS.