Clue Guerrilla Campaign

 - May 19, 2008
References: arabaquarius.blogspot
Picture this: you go into a public washroom at a restaurant or bar and unassumingly squeeze liquid soap onto your palm from a seemingly normal dispenser. Oh it's red, must smell like strawberries... You start washing your hands and boy, you've got a bloody mess on your hands!!

This is what this witty guerrilla campaign for the murder mystery game Clue does. It catches people red-handed, off-guard at public bathrooms, reminding them that in Clue, everyone is a suspect.

Created by Jenny Luong and Jared Friedberg at Humber College in Toronto, Canada the campaign places special liquid soap dispensers that contain blood-red colored soap in public washrooms. When you try to wash your hands, the soap creates the realistic illusion of you washing the blood off your hands.

I would love to see the look on someones face when they enter the washroom and see someone washing what appears to be blood of their hands before they can explain the trick. Priceless...

I personally would much prefer to be caught with my hands up this sexy camera soap dispenser than Clue's bloody one!