Michael Jackson's Beat It Spoof

 - May 9, 2008
References: youtube
We've been entertained by a user-generated Zoolander spoof, a parody of Daft Punk's Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger, and now we're finding ourselves captivated by this remake of Michael Jackson's Beat It.

The high energy black and white with music video features flashes of red and a killer soundtrack. I dare you to watch this without busting into a mini groove!

It was created as part of the Campus Focus Fusion 08. "Coming home with the best video two years running!!" the YouTube description says. "Congrats to the JAM and Honeycomb members. looking forward to another amazing year next year guys!"

From a psychological perspective, choosing red was a great choice to evoke emotion. I'm not going to get into that though, because that's not why I like this video. No, I just have a genuine appreciation for retro music, dancing and people who know how to have a great time with it!