- Aug 28, 2012
When it comes to celebrity break-ups and make-ups, people never seem to get enough of the gossip -- the Katy Perry and John Mayer breakup is the talk of the town right now. Many are speculating that Mayer was a rebound for Perry after her divorce from Russel Brand.

As much as society obsesses over Hollywood romances, there is no shortage in admiration for musical artists and their musical talents. Both Mayer and Perry have extremely successful international careers, which won’t be affected by the news of their split.

In particular, Katy Perry’s videos set quite the tone for her career and have changed the face of the female musician for good. They are incredibly distinctive due to her use of colorful and bubbly objects. Her ‘ET’ music video featuring Kanye West plays up a futuristic and intergalactic theme, which many celebrities, including Lady Gaga and Daddy Yankee, have tapped into as well.

Nowadays, the imaginative limits are being pushed; for example, Matchbox 20 recently released an interactive video that provides a 360 degree view. By placing one's mouse on the video screen and dragging it, you allow the screen to move. Celebrity relationships may be fleeting, but a good music video is forever.

Though Katy Perry & John Mayer Have Split, Their Videos Live on: