The Chairlift 'Met Before' Video Lets You Choose

 - Jun 21, 2012
References: chairlifted
One of the reasons why I enjoy games more than life sometimes is because I can control what will happen to my character, which is now the case with music videos, thanks to the Chairlift 'Met Before' clip. Brooklyn duo Chairlift has created an interactive music video for the track. As a listener and viewer, you're part of the adventure as well.

You begin in a classroom of PhD students. You learn about the idea of multiverses, and follow lead singer Caroline Polachek to choose her adventure. The first time I played through this, I ended up taking photos of bees in their honeycomb, and then doing a PowerPoint presentation about said photos. The second time, I branched off with band member Patrick Wimberly into a science lab, and ended up dancing on seats in an auditorium. I'm not sure how many other endings there are, but there must be at least 10 different timelines.

To think about how many times the band must have gone over and filmed different sequences for this song is impressive. Give it a try and see where you end up!