These Grungy and Glam Rock Style Features Are Edgy

 - Mar 14, 2013
From glamorous grunge editorials to preppy punk runways, these rock-and-roll fashion finds exude an edgy aesthetic. Often showcasing leather and lace material combinations, these photoshoots, lookbook advertorials and catwalk presentations pay tribute to some of music's most famed fashion icons.

Whether taking inspiration from the hippies and bohemians of the 70s or channeling an 80s heavy-metal aesthetic, fashion designers have always had a close connection to the world of music. Musicians have always played a huge role in the world of fashion and are known for their style icon status as they cover famed publications and star in international ad campaigns.

Thanks to their musical influence, these rock-and-roll fashion finds embrace an edgy and eclectic style aesthetic that blurs the lines between stage and street attire.