The Viral Video Took on New Meaning This Year

 - Dec 30, 2012
Though dancing cats and covers of Gangnam Style were prominent video trends of 2012, the viral sphere was made up of much more than that. This year, it seemed everybody on the Internet decided it was time to start their vlog, resulting in endless hilarious, horrifying and informative videos to choose from.

If you're looking for a laugh, we would suggest obsessive relationship parodies starring the now-iconic 'Overly Attached Girlfriend,' or the beauty-mocking track (and accompanying, equally ridiculously music video) 'Hot Girl Problems' -- if you're trying to have your mind blown, maybe the real-life male Barbie is more or thing.

Whether you're looking to update your personal style with DIY clothing clips or haute hair tutorials, or shed a tear to the athletic parent-acknowledging ads, there's sure to be a video trend for you. Take a peek at our Video Trend Report to figure out what this means for your business.