Yonge and Dundas Wedding Photo Shoot Interrupts Intersection

 - May 22, 2012
References: youtube
This couple drops the all-too-popular beachside snaps for a Yonge and Dundas wedding photo shoot, right in the heart of Toronto.

Since Yonge and Dundas is an intersection that allows an all-way cross (north/south, east/west, and diagonal) at the same time, the shoot is entirely possible and creative. A couch is shown being run and set down in the middle of the intersection, quickly followed by the gown-clad bride, groom and a slew of photographers who take quick snaps in the precious 40 seconds that are given. Everybody clears out when the lights turn and the process is repeated. All this was caught on video by a thrilled passerby!

With crowds and a couple of bridesmaids lining the south-west corner of the busy intersection, the affair makes the iconic Toronto intersection more bustling than it already usually is. Photos can only capture moments in time—this anonymous couple decided to make one out of the standard wedding photo-op routine.