From Proposals to Jewelry to Ceremonies, Geeks Can Find Love Too

 - Feb 21, 2013
Despite a reputation of being forever alone and loveless in their parents basement, these geeky wedding finds prove that nerds can find true love with the best of us.

These geeks prove that they're just as passionate about the loves of their lives as they are about their favorite nerdy pastimes. It all starts with proposals, and these geeky weddings generally start with a creative proposal like playable 8-bit wedding invitations to a working Iron Man arc reactor with a ring inside. Of course, any geeky wedding needs appropriate ring wear, and there's a wedding ring for any pop culture passion out there. Finally, it all comes down to the ceremony itself. From Princess Bride nuptials to gamer themed wedding cakes, these weddings are a romantic nerd menagerie.

These geeky weddings all go to show that true love is out there for anyone who knows where to look.