- Feb 8, 2013
Everywhere you look, it seems like there is at least one magazine with Kate Moss editorials featured inside. She may have risen to fame in the 90s, but she still continues to be one of the most iconic faces in the fashion industry.

Her staying power is palpable as her name on Forbes highest earners list in 2012 can attest to. Despite her age, she continues to be in high demand as she grace covers and even sometimes strips down to the nude. As most famous individuals, her personal life has been equally as publicized as her career. From breaks up to drug use, there is nothing that the media won't report on. Regardless of the bad media press she may have received throughout, she continues to be triumphant and clearly does not let anyone get in the way of her success.

A forced to be reckoned with, there is no doubting that there will be many more Kate Moss editorials to come.

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