The 'Corn Fed: Morning Routine' Video is for True Bike Enthusiasts

"Nothing is impossible" is the quote to describe this badass biker video entitled 'Corn Fed: Morning Routine.' It features Derek Arnesen's regular morning routine being executed while riding a bicycle within his home.

The background music used in the video will have women cooing over Derek as he calmly cycles through his home making coffee, brushing his teeth and packing his bag before heading out for his day. It takes an amazing amount of precision, comfort and skill to be able to maneuver through the narrow hallways of a home on a bike, while actually getting things done and the Corn Fed: Morning Routine video definitely captures it all. This video is the epitome of teenage to young adult culture, with its rad music and tattoo-instilled main character who presents a carefree attitude throughout the entire video. He even manages to kiss his lady goodbye before exiting his home!